In the past 5 years we have built our experience and a wide range of contacts not only in Europe but also around the world. We have supplied dogs for private owners, dog sport enthusiasts, police and also for security purposes.

We specialise in breeding Rottweilers and German Shepherd Dogs. We focus our breeding programmes for these breeds for the purpose of work as well as to conform to all the required breed standards governed by the FCI. We focus on good health and temperament with the selection of good bloodlines.

Bohemia K9 is a family run business. Our passion for having and training dogs comes whole heartedly. The passion and love for dogs began in the early ages of our lives, and continues in our lifelong devotion and dedication to dogs. At Bohemia K9, our dogs are treated as family members and nothing less.

All of our dogs are exported from the Czech Republic. However, our sources of dogs come from all over Europe. We are capable of handling single purchase of dogs and also larger quantities.

From our experiences, every customer has their very own special needs and requirements for their dogs. Hence, it is our duty and responsibility to ensure that everyone gets what they want.


We at the Bohemia K9 work and deal with dogs on a daily basis. Our main criteria in this business or rather service is to introduce and enhance the ability of both human and canine to work together and reduce all unwanted activities.


Our main mission is to create the opportunity for all dog lovers and handlers to have the best experience with their dogs for the longest time. We highly recommend the best way of life for both parties when it comes to their everyday lives.

What we do at Bohemia K9 are:

  1. Dog breeding (specializing in Rottweilers and German Shepherd Dogs)
  2. Sale of Puppies
  3. Sale of trained adult dogs (catered to buyers wants)
  4. Sale of Dog Food
  5. Supply of Dog Training Equipment
  6. Supply of Health Supplements
  7. Dog Obedience Training and Dog Protection Training
  8. Handler Training
  9. We conduct workshops and seminars partnering with other trainers for all types of dog training, for care and maintenance of dogs, and kennel setup consultations.