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We at BohemiaK9 are proud to offer our clients fully trained protection dogs as well as courses on protection training for their dogs. However, before the start of any form of training, it is most important that the dog is carefully assessed for temperament, character and drive. This is to ensure that the dog has the correct foundation or requirements to proceed with the protection training that is desired.

From past experiences, it has come to our knowledge that not every dog has the ability of becoming a protection dog. To avoid any disappointment, attributes such as character, temperament, health, nerves and a few other things will be evaluated. Once this phase is successful, we would proceed with the commencement of training to suit our clients needs. We take this process very seriously because it is most important that we do not put unsuitable dogs for the trainings courses which will not suit them. And, to avoid any disappointment or unhappiness from the owners of the canine companions.

BohemiaK9 caters training modules for all stages of a dog’s life. We choose puppies from good bloodlines with strong genetics for the purpose of our trainings. We also take in young adults and matured dogs. We follow a stringent process in evaluating and accessing the dogs before we take them in for training. Different approaches and styles of training are used by our team when it comes to training the dogs at our centre. For detailed information, you may personally contact us to discuss all methods and styles used.

Before any form of protection training is to commence, we strictly emphasise that the dogs have a strong foundation in obedience training. Protection training will never commence if the dogs have got no obedience training. This is very important as an uncontrollable dog can be dangerous once it starts its work in protection training.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries whether on purchasing trained dogs or to send your dogs to us for training. We will be more than happy to take the time to explain and hear all your queries.

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