At BohemiaK9, we offer home obedience training for your canine companion. We know and take to consideration that obedience training is time consuming, difficult and very often a frustrating process for many dog owners. At BohemiaK9 we are able to help with the stress of training the dogs for the owners with our knowledge and experience with dog training. Our goal is to supply dogs that are obedient and hassle-free companions.

Many dog owners require their canine to a family member. Hence, here at BohemiaK9 we evaluate and understand the wants and needs of our customers. Not everyone has the knowledge and ability to train their canine companions to their fullest potential. Using our vast knowledge and experience, we cater to all working breeds. From the training of basic commands, or more advanced obedience, we at BohemiaK9 are able to provide custom-made obedience training packages to suit your individual lifestyle and family needs.

Besides obedience training our expert and experienced dog trainers specialise in focusing on a vast range of dog behavioural issues. Such issues include aggression to people and other dogs and socialisation. BohemiaK9’s in house training has the best solution, assuring that these unwanted behaviours are identified and resolved in a safe and effective manner. For more information on our Obedience Training please feel free to contact us via email or a phone call. We will be more than happy to have a one-to-one conversation in understanding your queries.

Obedience Training

In the Obedience Module, dogs will be trained with the following:

  • DOWN (Down Stay)
  • SIT (Sit Stay)
  • STAND (Stand Stay)