BOHEMIA K9 training centre is located 2 km from the town of Žatec in the village Libočany.

At our training centre, there are accommodations available for the capacity of 20 people and their dogs. This allows people and their dogs that are coming from far places to have the opportunity to train and stay in a comfortable environment. This also allows for the trainers to conduct classes and workshops for a longer period rather than just doing it in a day.

The training space itself comprises of a full-sized football field. It is fully fenced up; this is to ensure that the dogs and their handlers/ trainers have a safe environment during their training sessions. The facility is operated with 24 hours surveillance cameras as well.

Our facility is equipped with the state-of-the-art training equipment which is manufactured and developed in Germany. This ensures that the dogs, trainers and handlers are not at risk from faulty or unsafe equipment that can jeopardise their health and safety.

Besides all that, the area where the training centre is located is totally surrounded by the beauty of nature. We are located right next to a beautiful flowing river. This gives everyone the chance to enjoy their time of leisure with swimming or long walks with their dogs after a session of training.


Dog Kennel


Training Ground